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Ernest Yaw Denkyira

Flat 02A, 51-53 Kings Road, Brighton BN1 1NA
Tel: 01273-736008 Mobile: 07787-375102


Date of Birth: June 06, 1968
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Availability: From 05 September 2004
Languages: English, Twi, French (foundation level)


(a)Carden Park Community Centre Internet Café – Hollingbury, Brighton
Computer Support Technician – 05/2004 to present

Responsible for fixing all hardware, software, and networking problems at the Centre. Assembled new computers for sale.
Performed Operating Systems and Application software installations and maintenance.

(b)AMI Computers – London
Computer Support Technician - 07/2003 to 09/2003

Responsible for troubleshooting hardware and software problems. Repaired several broken-down computers belonging to the company and customers.
Documented, created and scheduled corporate systems database administration and backup scripts.
Development of an Intranet front-end application for specialised sales and QA cycles using the SOFIA Framework (Application Server + SQL Database Client/Server + J2EE Platform + Eclipse and Dreamweaver integration). My role also included coaching external users and developers how to effectively use these systems.
Provided Sales and Technical Support for several projects and clients.

(c) Omega Systems Technology – Accra, Ghana
Systems Engineer - 02/1999 to 07/2003

I worked on various projects involving the Maintenance, and Optimization of E-Business solutions using the following technologies: Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), Hyperformix Strategizer, ERP, CRM, Application Definition Notation (ADN), COMNET-III, Cisco Netsys Baseliner, and XSL:FO Transformations.
Provided DSS, EIS, GDSS, and OLAP Decision Support to clients in their process of achieving goals.
Responsible for Corporate LAN (Intranet & Extranet) Administration & Management on Windows NT/ 2000 and Linux Servers
Designed and implemented corporate E-Business solutions using JSP, Java, HTML, SQL, XML, XSLT and JavaScript on Eclipse, SOFIA, and Coldfusion platforms.
Implemented and administered corporate MySQL/MSSQL -based database systems on the Windows NT/2000 platforms for the company and for clients.
Provided proficiency training for staff whenever new systems were introduced or developed.

(d) Accra Polytechnic – Accra, Ghana
IT Lecturer (HND Level) – 08/1996 to 02/1999

Taught and researched in many areas of ICT including:
Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS)
Application Software Usage (Microsoft Office, Corel WordPerfect Office, CorelDRAW, Macromedia DreamWeaver, Macromedia Director, AutoCAD, etc)
Object Oriented Programming (Java, C++, etc)
Scripting (PHP, Vbscript, Perl, etc.)
Digital Electronics & Microelectronics
Building an E-Business Infrastructure (LAN & WAN Architectures, TCP/IP, VPNs, QoS, OSI Reference Model, the Internet, Intranets, Extranets, etc.)
Securing E-Commerce Servers & Clients (RADIUS Solution, the TACACS+ Solution, EDI, etc.)
Established and administered Department Intranet.
Serviced and repaired Department computers.
Supervised students’ projects.

(d) Trades Union Congress – Accra, Ghana
Part-Time Hardware Technician, 07/1996 to 02/1998

Serviced and repaired computers, monitors, printers, fax machines, scanners, etc.
Proposed, established and managed an efficient E-Commerce Infrastructure for the Trades Union Congress.


(a)Master of Science (MSc.) in Information Technology for E-Commerce
09/2003 to 09/2004 at the University of Sussex

An intensive postgraduate programme focusing on professional development skills in: 'Internet Technologies', 'Information Technology Systems', 'Business Management for E-Commerce', 'Organisation of Innovation', 'Managing Innovation', 'Information Communication Technology Policy and Strategy', 'Web Based Commerce', 'Object Oriented Programming and 'Software Design and Evaluation', culminating with my 20,000 word dissertation titled: 'Formal Specification of Authorisation Policies for the World Wide Web'.

These modules have broadened my technical and professional skills, and have enhanced my ability to work under pressure, even without supervision. I am now a better communicator and team player.

(b) MPhil in Physics (Energy Management)
09/1997 to 11/1999 at the University of Ghana

Postgraduate Research programme focusing on Energy Management principles. The completed coursework included the following modules: 'Applied Quantum Mechanics', 'Solid State Physics' , 'Classical Mechanics', 'Statistical Mechanics', 'Meteorology', 'Principles of Nuclear Physics', and 'Solar Energy Applications'

(c)Trained as an IT Resource Person for the World Bank's WorLD Project
01/1999 to 02/1999 by the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank

A very intensive course that greatly enhanced my professional skills in the areas of Internet Connectivity, Network Setup and Management, Database Architecture and Administration, Hardware and Software Installation and Troubleshooting, Web Design and Deployment.
(d) Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in Physics and Computer Science (Combined Major)
September 1992 to June 1996 at the University of Ghana

A degree course that gave me both theoretical understanding and practical skills in the following areas: Digital Electronics, Microelectronics, Computer Hardware Architecture, Microprocessor Architecture, Operating Systems, Software Applications, Applied Mechanics, Statistical Mechanics, Experimental Statistics, Principles of Nuclear Physics, Computer Networks, Business Management Systems, Solid State Physics, Material Physics, and the like. I have applied these concepts widely in many problem solving activities during my employment at Omega Systems Technology and elsewhere..

(e) GCE Advanced Level
09/1988 to 06/1990 at Koforidua Secondary Technical School, Ghana

Studied Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and General Paper

(f) GCE Ordinary Level
09/1983 to 06/1988 at Nkwatia Secondary School, Nkwatia, Ghana

Subjects: English, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Art


Java, C++, C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, SQL, EDI, TCP/IP, IPSec, HTML, XHTML
UML, Xlink, Xpath, Xpointer, SAX, DOM, PHP, ColdFusion, SOAP, CORBA,
Windows 2000/XP/Sever 2003, Linux, Sloaris, Mac OS, Apache HTTP Server, Tomcat
Microsoft Office, Corel WordPerfect Office, Adobe Indesign, Adobe PageMaker
Corel Draw, AutoCAD, 3ds Max, E-Commerce Applications, CRM, ERP, EIS, GDSS, etc.


Member, Institute of Physics, UK
Member, Ghana Institute of Physics
Student Member, Institution of Electrical Engineers, UK
Member, World Links for Development (Economic Development Institute of the World Bank)
Member, Association of Computer Professionals, Ghana


Corporate Intranet Building and Administration
Computer Assembling, Upgrading & Repair
Application of Quantum Mechanics principles in Microelectronics


(a) Dr. Natalia Beloff (b) Mr Henry D. Konadu
School of Science & Technology Omega Systems Technology
University of Sussex Box CT 5094
Brighton Cantonments, Accra Ghana